Tuesday, June 17, 2014

First off, loved the Easter pictures!! I feel a little ripped off because they don't celebrate it here. They just eat fish soup the whole week. But it was good fish soup! 

Wow, we are feeling very blessed here. Especially because this weekend, we will be baptizing our very first FAMILY!! Mauricio and Melissa are getting MARRIED and BAPTIZED this Saturday!!! Thank you for all your prayers on their behalf. And mine! We have one week to get everything planned for the ''boda.'' But today, we went with Mitch and Jossela (a gringo who served here about 2 years ago who came back and married a darling Honduran girl) to get all the paperwork done! Weddings are so expensive for the missionaries because almost everything comes out of our personal mission money. But we are feeling a lot of support from the ward and from our zone. We want to make it as beautiful as possible for them! At 5pm they're going to do the civil marriage, at 6pm the baptism, and at 7pm the reception! Her colors are light blue and silver and we're going to have the party outide on the church cement basketball court (elegant, I know.) We're working to gather decorations and scraping to buy a cake! The relief society are working to provide chicken sandwiches and soda. Most of the party is a surprise for the couple, who are so humble and never thought they'd be able to have something nice like this! We're so excited. A sister offered to lend us her wedding dress and when we pulled Melissa out of her house and took her to try it on, the surprise made her cry! She just said ''I never thought I'd be able to have a white dress!'' Organizing all this really makes me feel like a fairy godmother to a Cinderella because Melissa is such a sweet, hard-working, loving girl who deserves so much! The gratitude of the people here is so inspiring, especially when compared to our culture, who has so much and is grateful for so little. 
I'll send you photos of the wedding! 

Lots more has happened, but I'm out of time! 

So much love!!

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