Tuesday, June 17, 2014

You don't know how much talking to you guys meant to me yesterday! It was such a joy. I really love you all. 
We have a weekly ward FHE on Fridays for the obra misional and this week's message was given by Jairo, 2nd counselor of the Bishopric. We watched a Mormon Message and he talked about love. He talked about how we don't tell people we love them as often as we should. He was asking individuals when was the last time they told their moms they loved her and they couldn't even remember. But then in front of everyone he said, ''I bet Hermana Flynn says it every day because in her family they always yell 'Flynn Family for all eternity!''' I'd completely forgotten that I'd told him about our ''Flynn Family Forever'' like 2 months ago! It made me laugh. 
Well, I'll tell you a bit about our birthday and our baptisms! On the morning of May 10th, I woke up at like 5-something a.m. to sing La Mañanitas to my comp and then went back to bed (because I'd gone to bed at 1am decorating and getting her present ready.) Then I awoke to her singing me the mañanitas with paper confetti raining on me! Later that day I mentioned singing her the mañanitas and she didn't believe that I did it because she didn't remember it at all!! It was hilarious! But I made banana pancakes in the morning and added honduran m&m's to them. And we ate them with peanut butter!! Then we went and did a mini service project in a member's house, coloring mother's day cards for the primary to give away. There, we found a wild turtle that had wandered into the house (I'll send you a picture.) And the hermanas that share our area surprised us with peanut butter as our birthday present! We got fed lunch there and then went to eat yet another lunch with Hermana Magdalena. We pretty much just got things ready for the baptisms from there on out and it went so smoothly, which was the Lord's blessing to us. Afterwards, we went to straighten a less active mom's hair for mother's day while her kids climbed all over me! We got home late and tired, but happy!! I learned that you don't need cake or anything special to have an awesome birthday! 
One of the people we baptized is 21 years old and named Edinson (almost like Thomas Edison) and I love teaching him because we sit under his orange and mango trees, outside his house made of mud and branches as the sun sets and the fireflies come out. I'd never seen real life fireflies before I came and they're gorgeous! Honduras is heavenly. 
If I go in this transfer, I'll miss the South. Even though it's so hot and I have countless bug bites, I'll miss this place. I really love it here. 
Breaking news: I think my comp is in the first stages of Chicken Pox! Ahhhhh no. Please pray for her because it's so un-fun to be around her when she's sick! Poor girl. 
Well, I hope you're all succeeding in all that you're involved in. And I hope you're all succeeding in the Lord's eyes (with the things that matter most.) 
I love you more than I could ever tell. I pray for you always. You are my life. 


Hermana Flynn

P.S. There's a horrible tradition to break raw eggs on people's heads on their birthdays. So in our district meeting, our district got us good. We reiked!!!! 

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