Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I love hearing about all the exciting changes in the family! Congrats to Jake for graduating and getting ordained an Elder! I hope you're all enjoying your summer vacation and making good choices.
This week was incredible. On wednesday, I had my first ''consejo,'' or monthly meeting with President and Hermana Hernandez, the AP's, ZL's, and STL'S. We rode the 4 hour bus up to Teguc on Tuesday and slept over with Hna. Snelson and Hna. Carias, my trainer! (Sidenote: of the 7 other STL's, I've been comps with 4 already! Not including Snelson, who was in my zone for my first 10 months!) The meeting was so great. We talked about all the mission dats and goals and received instruction from the AP's and President and his wife. It was their very last Consejo, so it was extra special. We ate lunch there in the church and then President surprised us with a trip to the temple!! 
We filled up an entire session! But first I got to do initiatory with Hermana Flores for the first time in the mission! The session was so, so special, but the most special was at the end. When I entered the celestial room, President and Hermana were there waiting for me. I hugged Hermana and then looked at President as he smiled and said, ''This is an exception,'' and held out his arms for a hug. Needless to say, I started crying and kept crying as I sat and watched all the missionaries enter one by one and embrace President. As I sat there, I pulled out my Patriarchal Blessing and found a line that jumped out at me: ''You will feel that Heavenly Father is close and will marvel at His love and goodness and be ever-grateful for the gospel.'' I do marvel. He is so good to me. 
Afterward, we all ate together at Pizza Hut, where someone knocked over their big glass of horchata all over me and my backpack and then I accidentally dumped an entire bottle of chile flakes on my pizza. It was hilarious! I was sitting right next to President and I think he was second thinking His decision. 
Then Hermana Flores and I decided that we needed to do a double fast to see miracles in our area. So we fasted 24 hours and then ate lunch and then immediately started another 24 hour fast. And we are seriously seeing the results!! Por ejemplo, last night we were walking to our dinner appointment and passed a man and his 12 year old daughter standing on the sidewalk, looking up at the moon. I just said ''buenas noches,'' as we passed and he started talking to us about how Joseph Smith saw a pillar of light and about how the moon reminds him of the first vision. He excitedly started talking to us about the Book of Mormon and church history and the Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine and Covenants. He said that he works with some Mormons and noticed that even the way they talk is different from the rest. So he asked for a Book of Mormon and someone gave him a triple. He has read SO MUCH! And kept saying that what calls his attention is that the invitation is to read and then to pray directly to God to ask if it's true! He kept saying ''I feel restless. I just have to keep reading!'' This man is hungry to hear God's word (amos 8:12.) He has never even talked to missionaries before! And he lives in our area! We're going to visit him on Wednesday. He seriously talked for 20 minutes straight, practically bearing his testimony on Joseph Smith and all the holy scriptures!! We were stunned. Completely shocked. Pray for him! 
I did more divisions this week with a 28 year old sister who's a lawyer from Guatemala who got baptized 2 years ago! It was awesome. On our way back, our bus broke down and we got stranded in the middle of nowhere! But a really nice Evangelist guy picked us up and took us into town. God looks out for us. 
Oh, another thing! When we slept in Teguc on Tuesday, we ate dinner with a recent convert of Hermana Flores and he bought Hna. Snelson and me a delicious cake for our one year anniversary!! It was adorable because I didn't even eat cake for my birthday and this complete stranger shared his with me for hitting the year mark! 
I love the mission. Seriously love it. It's the best decision I've ever made in my whole life. Every challenge is so worth it. Every day is such a blessing. 


Hermana Flynn

P.s. Hna. Flores and I bought fabric in the market and paid a lady in our ward 100 lemps ($5) to make us the dresses we wore to the temple! They're cool, huh? 

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