Sunday, March 23, 2014

To celebrate this important day, we (the girls in my zone) had a gift exchange and the catch was that all the gifts had to be green. Hna. Snelson got me a bracelet and a pair of basketball shorts to exercise in! 

Funfact: Today is the anniversary of the Relief Society (Sociedad de Socorro.) 

We had an interesting week! I spent my 9 month mark (March 12th) in the emergency room with a very sick and dehydrated ''hija.''  She fainted and wasn't doing well so I got to learn what it's like to be a mom with a sick child! Pretty stressful, but a great learning experience and good prep for the future. The private hospital was a lot nicer than I expected, although it definitely looks like Honduras. We had to go back to take urine exams the next day and spent a lot of time in the house as my comp rested. So I was able to update the ''carpeta de area'' (whooo!) and watch mom's Time Out for Women DVD's I asked her to send! But now we're feeling well and ready to work hard! And we're very happy. 

I can't believe half my mission is gone. I feel like I came here a month ago. People keep telling me that time just keeps picking up from here! So I need to take advantage of every minute! 

We brought a couple we're teaching to a stake activity and they liked it, but didn't end up going to stake conference. It is SO HARD to get families to church! Pray for Julissa and Victor! In Stake Conference, Richard G Scott and Dallin H Oaks gave talks in Spanish in the broadcast, which was really cool! Maybe someday I'll give a worldwide talk in Spanish. ¿Quien sabe? 

Well, have a great week and know that I LOVE YOU! 

Hermana Flynn

Sunday, March 9, 2014

We just had a water fight with the zone! I'm still soaking, but it's actually great because it's water this time and not sweat!
We have been working hard and going to bed so, so tired and we're seeing the miracles! For example, we went on divisions with a sister training leader named Hermana Molina who is ADORABLE (and I want Nick to marry her by the way. She's from Honduras but studies at BYU and speaks PERFECT English without an accent.) and together we taught a really spiritual lesson with an investigator named Carolina and she agreed to being baptized this Saturday! Also, an past investigator called us in off the street and said he was ready to be baptized! And we're still working with the couple who's going to get married! So we have lots of good work going and lots and lots of investigators and I'm just trying to do everything I have to do and do it well! It's a little stressful to train, but not as hard as I thought. Probably just because my companion is an angel!
I am loving life in Honduras and I can't believe that I hit 9 months so soon. Half of my mission. It's insane how fast time passes here.