Sunday, June 29, 2014

So far we haven't had a single baptism this month. If we don't baptize this Saturday, then it will be the first time in over 7 months without a baptism. I'm in an area with a lot of potential and support from the members, so we have all the resources to bring people into God's fold. We have 4 possibilities for this Saturday, but none of them is certain. Please pray for me and my area! Pray for Celinda, Isabel, Jose, Dorian, Kirsten, Aracil, Eduardo, Jorge and Julissa! Even though at times it makes me ask myself ''What am I doing wrong?''  I'm grateful that the work has been a little harder lately because it makes me more humble and is teaching me to keep the ''animo'' even when we don't see the results we're hoping for! 

Here are some recent experiences that I don't want to forget:

As I prepared to offer the closing prayer during a lesson, I asked if there was anything special Celinda wanted me to ask God for. She answered, ''Pray for rain.'' because she didn't have water to bathe herself or to pour in her toilet. 

Our friend, Alba, was crying outside her house yesterday. Her husband had said he was going to go sell their TV to buy food for their family. He ended up selling the TV and his bike, which is the bike he uses to go sell vegetables to provide for the family--his only source of income, and used all the money to drink. His children went hungry. He's now abandoning them and going to live in San Pedro Sula. 

We are so blessed. I wish I could tell you all that I've seen and experienced here. I promise you that your problems are small in comparison to what the people suffer here. 
Here's a picture of what it looks like outside right now. The power just went out after a HUGE boom of thunder but it came back within 5 minutes. I'm grateful that gmail automatically saves drafts. 
here's a picture of a live bat outside my apartment!

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