Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This week flew by. I still LOVE my area and my companion. We live in a beautiful apartment building on the second floor right next to the other two misioneras that we share an area with: Hna. Blazzard, from Morgan, Utah and Hna. Morales, from northern Nicaragua. They are so great! This morning, we made a french toast and banana oatmeal smoothie breakfast together and ate it in my apartment. (I'll attach a picture.) 
I love how the Mormon ''Mundo'' is so small! I've met people here that served their missions with Nelson Johansen, Connor Johnson, and Sam Neff! It's so fun to hear about all their success (all three of those guys were AP's) and experiences. I love being a member of la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos D├Čas. It's such a joy! 
We had a baptism this past Saturday and the Primary Presidency went over the top! We baptized Brithany, a DARLING 10 year old whose mom and brother are already new members. The sisters from Graneros A (We're Graneros B) also baptized two little girls. We were also helping a less active family baptize their 8 year old, but she cried and wouldn't do it because she was afraid of the water.. Here's a picture of the three dressed in white. (Brithany's the one in the middle.) A pre-mission teen did the ordinance, which was a mistake because he really struggled and had to repeat the baptism of the littlest girl 6 times. She was crying and the other missionaries had to convince her to stay in the font until he did it right! Oh my goodness, it was interesting. But what's done is done and the important thing is that they're baptized! We'll just trust that the Spirit will help everyone forget the painful attempts. 
Good news! Hna Flores and I are going to the temple tomorrow with our ward! We get to go watch a family from our area get sealed!!! There's a girl named Yadira, who served in our zone as a mini missionary for 6 weeks because Hna. Blazzard didn't have a comp. Her mom and siblings had been praying for her formarly alcoholic father to change and come back to church for years, and now they've been preparing for the temple and will be sealed tomorrow! She's so great! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be there in the sealing! 
Now for the sad part of this email. As you probably know, an elder from the mission passed away this week. Elder Martinez from El Savlador. On Thursday, they missed their mini bus to go to Distric Meeting, and decided to catch a ride because it was far away. Months ago, President had strictly banned riding in the bed of trucks, which is a difficult rule in many areas because of lack of public transportation and long distances. But they got into the bed of a truck with some other people and the truck got into an accident. Four passengers died on impact and the two elders survived and were taken to a clinic, where Elder Martinez died and Elder Lewis survived. The nurse tells me that Elder Lewis miraculously suffered the accident with no brain or spinal damage. She says his injury is pretty much all in the face. He lost all his front teeth and broke his cheek bone and I think he dislocated his jaw. They sent him to the U.S. 2 days ago. He had 5 months in the mission and wasn't in the South so I didn't know him. I'd only seen Elder Martinez once I think. He had 9 months. He was 27 years old and the only member in his family. Hna. Flores knew him and says that because he's a little older, he had to jump through a lot of hoops to come out in the mission. She says he was an excellent, consecrated missionary and served as branch president in one of his areas. The nurse tells me that his parents have also lost 2 of his sisters. Pray for his family. They don't understand that he's still serving as a missionary, only now in the Spirit World. 
It breaks my heart that this happened to President Hernandez in the last month of his mission. Especially because he's already instructed us not to ride in truck beds. And it's an elder from his own country. That poor man is going through Gethsemene right now. It breaks my heart. Pray for him. 
I am so grateful for God's perfect plan and for temples here to bind things in heaven. I love, love, love God and His gospel of joy! I know with all my heart that everything bears record of Him and that we have everything we need right now in this restored church. I love being a missionary. I can't wait for Jake to get out there and serve! And Michael and Jenny and Elizapo! What a great time to be on Earth! 
Hope, Hope Hope! 

Flynn Family Forever, 

Hermana Flynn

Here's a picture I took during a thunder storm one night this week. It's so cool because I took it right as lightning struck, so it looks like midday when it was totally black at 10pm. 

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