Saturday, October 4, 2014

 September 20, 2014
Hola Flamilia,
Estoy feliz como una lombris.
This week has been really great. Every week is great.
We've gone from 2 to 7 progressing investigators in a week (They're progressing when they're reading the BOM or going to church and other ward activities). We're working hard and trying to really transform ourselves into polished tools for the Lord's hands. (It's easy to be just a regular tool :)) The mission is full of ''up's'' and ''down's.'' Por ejemplo, the family of our recent convert, Freddy, is starting to progress again and read the Book of Mormon! They committed to coming to church! But our precious investigating family, la familia Garmendia, isn't answering their phone or recieving us. It's actually really worrisome. Will you please pray for them? Today we're starting a fast.
This Wednesday we had changes! It was SO fun to see Elder Hamilton! I wanted to hug him so bad! He's grown at least 10 inches since the last time I saw him. I wish I could send a picture, but this computer is really bad.
President changed the way we do changes! Instead of knowing beforehand, all we know is whether or not we have changes. So now everyone comes to the meeting without knowing their new comp or new area and it's like a big ''harry potter sorting hat'' kind of experience! It was really fun. The highlights are that Jake Hamilton went to the South near the coast and our amazing AP is now with another exAP and they're opening an area on an island called Ampala!!! They're called to start up a branch! Basically the new ''Koli-pokis'' (Think Other Side of Heaven).
Yesterday, we ended up spending a few hours in the ER with an Elder who is really sick with Dengue. He'll be hospitalized for up to 4 days. It's always nice to help out.
This morning, we woke up to a flooded apartment. We have a problem with our pipes. So that took up a lot of our Pday! But it's all cleaned up!
Speaking of our bathroom, a guy came a while ago and fixed our shower, so I now have had hot water in the shower for officially 1/15 months of my mission! Woot Woot!!
Okay, I love you! Special shoutout to Grandma for her 75th birthday!!!! I love her SOOOOO much!

Hermana Flynn