Sunday, April 20, 2014

So I'm officially 10 months old here. Time is flying. Easter is coming up, but they don't really celebrate the day like we do in the U.S., rather the entire week, and they celebrate by relaxing on the beach. So it'll be a little harder to teach this week with everyone out of the house! But challenge accepted. 
I can't believe both Jake and Dad had trips to the ER. That's really scary. I'm praying hard for you and the family. Please keep me updated. 
Mauricio went to church! But without Melissa because she started working this week. So their wedding and baptismal date got pushed back to the 26th. THEY NEED YOUR PRAYERS! They don't have money. Like, they haven't been eating because they don't have money. It's so sad to live in a place where the people suffer like this. In the last hour of church, we sat in a classroom with Mauricio as he expressed concern because one of the families in our ward apparently goes to a witchdoctor to sacrifice chickens frequently and worship idols. We keep telling him to forget about the members faults and sins and focus on his own testimony. It turned into a conversation that last over and hour as he bore his whole soul to us. A few members waited 20 minutes after church ended to invite him and his wife to a family home evening they planned today. It made me want to cry because I was so grateful for the support they're offering. 
There are so many ups and downs in the mission. Our bishop just got emergency released for sexual sin and we are currently bishop-less. Please pray for my ward. Please pray for Honduras. 
I hope you all know that I love the mission! I've been reflecting on the changes it's made in my life. I am not the same person. And that is a very good thing! I didn't even realize how much I was sinning before I came. I didn't realize how much is expected of me. I love the attributes I'm developing and the goals I've made to develop more. 
One of the most important lessons that I'm learning is that pride is destructive and that service is the secret to all relationships. And not self-righteous service, but humble and sincere service. 

I love you all more than you can possibly imagine. 
Send me pictures! 

Hermana Flynn


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