Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This week was super genial (great.) Some fun things happened! A bird pooped on my head. And I found cat-sized paw prints on my bed a couple nights ago...? Also, 

I GOT TRANSFERRED!! And guess where to? To a place 5 minutes from my area!
Yes, I am still in the South and I'm so happy! I'm in the same Stake, in the same zone, in the same district. The reason for the transfer is that I got made a Sister Training Leader. So now I'm in the STL area and I absolutely love it. I am with Hermana Flores, a beautiful 24 year old from El Salvador that has about 5 weeks left in her mission! So I'm going to kill her, which is the mission way of saying that I'm her last companion! She is going to train me as an ''Hermana AP'' and then go home. I already love her so much. She is a wonderful missionary. And she is also the niece of President and Hermana Hernandez, who are also going home in 5 weeks! Crazy! So I'll welcome in a Greenie Gringo President next transfer. Lots of excited changes in the mission! 
This transfer has been an enormous blessing in my life. I was able to feel God's love so strongly through all of it. And this new calling is a little bit intimidating, but I'm going to repent more frequently and place myself in God's hands to shape me and stretch me and ''make weak things become strong.'' 

''The Lord doesn't call the qualified. He qualifies the called.''

My new area is called Graneros and we go to church in the Stake Center, which has air conditioning in the chapel (!!!) and the nice benches and we only live 4 blocks away. It's so great to be so closeby because I get to see my ''hija'', Hermana Cortes, at least twice a week and all the members and my converts from San Luis in the stake activities! This week was the ''Week of the Family'' so I got to see them a lot! It's the biggest tender mercy from the Lord. 
I love Graneros. The members are honestly incredible. This is a zion society. They see us in the street and ask when they can make visits with us and what they can do to help with the work. They help bring our investigators to church and walk with us all day. I've already met incredible people and I'm working with lots of families, which should be our focus as missionaries! 
I'm a little nervous because I'm going to have to recieve and likely train a new STL next transfer and because I'm going to start divisions soon. The STL's do divisions with all the hermanas in their area (My area is the south, in Choluteca) to see how they are and to help them with tough investigators. I definitely feel very average, so it's a huge compliment that President trusts me to do this. Pray for me. 
So we had a Stake Cultural Night on Saturday that was so fun! The Young Women danced with the Young Men in their big traditional dresses and different wards did skits and the whole thing was beautiful! 
Well, that's all I have time for, but I hope you all know that Heavenly Father is giving me the most beautiful experiences here in Honduras. I don't believe that there is a missionary more blessed than I am. I love Him. And I love you all. 

Flynn Family Forever, 

Hermana Flynn

P.S. Last week I was in one of my ''retentions'' with my recent convert, Javier, who had 4 strokes and lost his ability to talk well and walk well. We had just finished the lesson and were enjoying the spirit after our closing prayer when he looks over at my companion, Hermana Cortes, and out of nowhere says ''You have a mustache.'' I was dying. 

P.P.S. In my last lesson with my new convert, Edinson, he gave me a little jar of luciernagas (fireflies) because he knows how much I love them. Here's a picture of them in the light because my camera didn't do well with taking a picture of them shining in the dark. But they glowed in my little room and it made me so happy. 

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