Saturday, September 20, 2014

So much to say. These past couple of days have been so... I don't know the word. Inspiring and overwhelming and happy and stressful and refining. 
Elder Duncan, the President of the Area 70, came to visit us for 3 days and he instructed us in a multizone conference on Thursday and a leadership ''Consejo'' on Friday. How I wish he would have come at the start of my mission! Man, he teaches with power and authority. I am so amazed at how our leaders consecrate their lives and turn them over to God. We don't see half of all they do. The church is SO organized. 
I'm learning more and more that this work is the Lord's business. It's not a warm, fuzzy work! But it is powerful and demanding and gratifying and definitely worth every effort! I just can't believe how I didn't know anything about missionary work before the mission! I was ''sleeping during the restoration!'' (--Pres. Uchtdorf.) Are you all sleeping like I was? Why didn't we ever invite our nonmember neighbors or less actives to our family home evenings? Why didn't we always carry books of mormon on our vacations? (Mom was actually really good at that!) 
I've been feeling the hastening of the Lord's work. And I'm seeing His merciful and powerful hand in my life and in the lives of all those who won't push it away. We really are in the last days. I'm so grateful for the powerful preparation that is coming from honorable missionary service that is going to bless this upcoming generation. We need strong parents to help raise righteous children in an incresingly wicked world. 
We got to go to the temple as ZL's and STL's with President and Hermana Bowler and it was a great experience. Hermana Alegre and I sat in on 11 sealings and so we practically got brainwashed with the promises God extends to all who willingly and faithfully keep those powerful covenants. Wow, He really loves us. 

''Of all the titles of respect and honor and admiration that are given to Diety, God has asked us to address Him as Father.'' --La Primera Presidencia 

Let's remember that Christ has promised us ''all that the Father hath''! Let's get moving and serve God with all our hearts, might, minds, and strength! 

Every member a missionary!!

I love you all! 

Hermana Flynn 

Hola hola, 

I love my mission. President Bowler made Hermana Alegre and I chocolate chip cookies! I did divisions with a sister named Hermana Chub from guatemala and her email that the mission made her says ''chub.chub.'' I died when I saw that. Probably just because I'm still immature. We made a couple trips to the hospital with Hermana Bowler recently to check out my adorable comp's thyroid. We spoke at Consejo about missionary health. We get to hear about everyones' chronic diarrhea. Life's good.

I'm currently listening to past conference sessions and I could not be more grateful for the gospel. Seriously. This gospel is a no-brainer. Only pride can keep someone from accepting it. 

I love hearing from my baby brother in Italy! MIssionary work is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me! (And to the world!) 

We have a family home evening in half an hour at our stake president's house with our family!! They are the Garmendia family and are so golden! I love them SO much. We've challenged them to get married and baptized on the 20th of september. PRAY FOR THEM! 

I love you all and hope you are inviting your friends to church activities and reading your scriptures. 


Hermana Flynn

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hola mis queridos bichos, 

I'm already out of time, but I can't let this week pass by without telling you about one of the sweetest experiences of my entire mission...

I held a baby monkey's hand. 

No, I'm totally kidding. I honestly had such a special experience on Wednesday morning. But I did hold a baby monkey's hand. 

I got to do divisions in La Joya, my first area, on Tuesday and it was such a joy! I'll tell you all about it after the mission. But here's the highlight:

On Tuesday, we ended our day so late and weren't able to go see the Matamoros Family. They're the family I activated with Hermana Vasquez and we baptized their granddaughters, Ambar and Monica. Marcelino made me the breathtaking wooden ''quadro'' of Christ looking over Jerusalem. 

I couldn't bear to leave La Joya without seeing them, so we went early in the morning to make the visit. 

The way Marcelino looked at me that morning was unlike any expression I've ever seen. It was this mix of surprise and wonder and Christlike love. They didn't know I was coming. In fact, they didn't know I'd gotten moved back to the city. According to them, I was 4 and a half hours away in Choluteca. 
We talked for a couple minutes with the family and Marcelino told me he was going to church this Sunday. (They're less active again.) He told me that he'd already made the decision because of an experience he'd had this week, even though his son is coming home from the U.S. this Sunday. 
He turned to his wife and asked, ''Should I tell her?'' 
She smiled and nodded. 
He told me that the night before I came to La Joya, he had a very vivid, very realistic dream. In his dream, I was sitting on a bench outside. He came and sat with me on the bench and we talked about the gospel for a long time. He didn't tell me what I said, but he said it left him very impacted and very inspired and very full. 
And then I told him that the very last bus was coming, and that he had to decide whether or not to get on. He realized that he had his entire family behind him, following him. 

He's choosing to get on. 

As he told me this, tears streamed down my eyes for God's timing. I know with all my heart that I'm supposed to be here. I know that I needed to meet these people. I know that I needed them to meet me. God's plan is so intricate and perfect and I am eternally grateful. 

When it comes to expressing my love for these people and my gratitude towards God for letting me serve in Honduras and for letting me come to be with all of you and be born under the covenant, both the English and Spanish languages feel very limited. I couldn't ever let you all know how much this all means to me. I know that Christ is the only one who understands 100%. I hope He got to feel my highs as well as my lows when He atoned for me. I love Him so much. 
Amor divino, 

Hermana Flynn


I loved seeing pictures and hearing about all that's going on in your worlds! I love you all very, very much. And I love Honduras! 

This week was very full, spiritually and literally. We have a pretty packed schedule now with the office work and doing divisions with our 13 companionships during these 6 weeks. Sometimes we worry that we're neglecting our area too much, but we're juggling the best we can! And we're seeing a lot of miracles.

''God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called.'' 

On Tues, our AP's asked us to come to teach all the new missionaries in the Training Meeting. We came directly from finishing divisions with a really cool area in the mountains called Santa Lucia. We ate lunch there with Pres and Hna Bowler and then went with her to the hospital to help with the three sick missionaries. She was on the fifth floor handling the missionaries with more delicate problems and Hna Alegre and I were in the lab with another Elder who got Dengue this week. He's a trainer and his ''son'' in the mission was with Anziano Flynn in the MTC! That was fun! After the hospital, we went to the pharmacy to fill prescriptions and then to the office to get lots of meds ready to send to the South. Pres and Hna dropped us off in our area at 6pm. That's kinda how things have been! A little crazy! But I'm so happy! 

This week is just another testament that when one door closes, another opens. We had a lesson with Hazel, who was going to get baptized today, but backed out. The spirit was so strong and I knew she felt it, but she told us no and wouldn't commit to another date. We were feeling really sad for her but then right after, we found a GOLDEN family! It's a 27 year old named Rigoberto and his 22 year old wife, Dayli. They have a 4 month old and seriously could not be more positive! Pray for them!! And pray for Hazel! She is so ready for baptism. 

This week Hna Alegre hit her year mark!! I was able to do a special breakfast and we ate cake as a zone! She is such an amazing comp. I am seriously so blessed. I love her. 

I hope you're all reading your scriptures and saying your morning prayers and keeping the sabbath day holy! Be modest and honest and kind! I love you!


Hermana Flynn