Saturday, August 23, 2014

There is so much to say. 

Fist off, today was a perfect day. We went to the beach (40 min away) with the zone and spent the morning playing sand soccer and laying in hammocks and eating pescado con chismol y tajaditas (fried fish and pico de gallo with fried green banana chips and limes.) ¡QUE RICO! I LOVE the beach! What a great way to spend my last Pday in the South! 

I just got news that I will be having changes (transfers?) on Wednesday, but I'll tell you about that in a minute. 

This week, we went to Consejo and it was wonderful, as always! The night before, we (hermana Carias and I) were able to visit La Joya, my first area! And exaclty one year ago, Hermana Carias received me as a brand new missionary there! It was so fun to surprise the members with our visits! They were all shocked with the progress I've made in a year. We got to eat hot dogs with my old mission leader again! He used to feed us hot dogs every friday night. 

A couple nights ago, my hammock was stolen! We had it tied out on the balcony for a couple weeks. We thought because we live on the second floor and the apartments have a gate that we'd be fine... But today I bought another one! Life is not as beautiful without a Honduran hammock!! (Almost everyone here has one in the front room--or only room--of their house!) 

Okay, here's the big news. After 7 months in zone Porvenir in the South, I'm getting moved! My AP just called and told me early that I will be having unusual changes. From what President had told me, I thought I'd be training a new misionera but it turns out that I'm not. But their closing my area (!!!) and having 2 new STL's open it. And I will be opening the STL area (!!!) in Teguc! And here's the craziest part. drumroll please...

I'm the new mission nurse!!! ¿¿¿What??? Our mission nurse, Hermana Smart, goes home to Hurrican, Utah in a week and they're not sending us a new one immediately. So now I will be working in the mission office for 2 mornings of the week with all the nurse's responsibilites. But my primary responsibility will apparently still be as an STL, looking after the girls in Teguc. Me, with basically no medical training!!!! I am NOT a nurse!!!! I'll be working a lot with Sister Bowler, so I'm excited about that. I still don't know who my new comp will be, but she'll be the new STL. So I'll be training her as an STL and opening an area and becoming the nurse of the 250ish frequently sick missionaries in Tegucigalpa. PRAY FOR ME!!!! 
I was NOT expecting this at all. It's going to be so hard to leave Graneros. I absolutely love it here! The members are incredible and I wish I could've spent more time getting to know them. Pero irè y harè. 

The mission is full of changes. Life is, too. I'm really grateful to feel God's hand so presently in my life and for the strength He gives all of us to not only handle our challenges, but to rise above them. I love Him. 

I love all of you. I'll be hitting my 14 month mark soon and it's STRESSING ME OUT! Where the heck is the time going?? I didn't feel the month of July at all. And now Hermana Carias is finishing her mission (tomorrow is her last day) and I'm realizing how much I need to take advantage of the time I have left! I really, really love the mission! And I really love each one of you! 

Have a wonderful, peaceful week, 

Hermana Flynn

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