Saturday, August 23, 2014


I just remembered playing BANG with Jord and the fam! ''There's a new sheriff in town!''  I love you all! 

So the 3 amigas are now a normal companionship--just me and Hermana Carìas! On Monday, we received a special invitation from President to be at Hermana Flores' last dinner in his house (really uncommon. it's usually strictly for missionaries headed for home.) It was so special! Hermana Bowler made breakfast for dinner--german pancakes and quieche--and then we got to hear their consejos (counsels) for life at home. We dropped her off at the airport the next day. I got to read her letter just barely and hear about all her first impressions! It all just makes me grateful for the time I have left in the mission. Taking off my nametag will take out my heart.

I got to go to the temple yet again with my zone this week!! I've been learning so much about our covenants. It's amazing how you can learn somthing new with each visit. I am beginning to understand why the pioneers were willing to leave everything behind in England and die in attempts to be able to make temple covenants. 

I had divisions a couple days ago and was able to visit by old area!! It was such a JOY. None of my converts knew I was coming so it was an extra special surprise! Melissa cried when she saw me. I got to be there for the weekly Noche de Hermanamiento they do in my old ward and I was filled when I watched my convert, Henry, direct the meeting and another, Edinson, give the opening prayer. Henry excitedly pulled out a copy of Preach my Gospel and Adapting to Missionary life to show me!! He carries them around everywhere! He's preparing to leave on his mission in March. Joy! Joy! Joy! 

On Sunday, our first counselor in the ward talked about Abinidi and how he died before knowing that Alma was converted. But Alma went on to establish Christ's church among the people and baptize thousands! I'm so grateful that I get to see the fruits of my labors! I know that missionary work has such a ripple effect and that every effort we make truly MAKES A DIFFERENCE. 

As I was walking in my area, a truck full of kids from my old ward in San Luis passed by and I've never felt more famous in my life! I was such a celebrity as a chorus of high-pitched  ''FLEEN, FLEEN, FLEEN!!!!!!!!'' filled the whole street. I couldn't love these people more. I can't believe how blessed I am. 

Please read the scriptures. I love the bible. I love the book of mormon. I love D&C. I love the Pearl of Great Price. ''And I love you, random citizen!'' --Megamind

Have the best week! 

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