Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hola todos, 

This week was amazing. Every week is amazing. I am in so love with my mission. I don't like to think about who I'd be if I hadn't come out here. 
Here are some highlights: 
On Monday, we organized an all girls Pday, which was really special and fun! I love all the hermanas that we look after! 
On Tuesday, we went to the temple with the ward! 
On Wednesday, we were able to go to San Lorenzo (45 min away) to celebrate Hermana Molina's birthday in the morning! We had a surprise lunch and bought her a cake! We also had some beautiful lessons. 
On Thursday, Hermana Flores had her last District Meeting and we all ate at Wendy's. We also found a couple new families with potential! 
On Friday, we had a noche cultural (cultural night) with traditional dances and skits and everything! I LOVE my ward. They are hilarious and amazing people. 
On Saturday, we surpised Hermana Flores with a zone surprise party! We told her we were going to clean the capilla for our baptisms and the whole zone was waiting with a cake and balloons and everything! And then they all smashed a dozen eggs on her head and showered her with flour!! It's the Honduras tradition. And I'm not even going home and my ZL smashed an egg on my head too. Me llenò con ira. That night, we had our baptisms! 

So remember when I told you about the dad and his daughter who approached us after we'd finished our double fast and he told us that he'd read a ton of the triple and already had a testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith? His name is Aracil Rodriguez and he got baptized with his adorable daughter, Kirsten!! He is the biggest miracle of my mission. 
Celinda also got baptized, which is nothing short of a miracle! She had so many doubts and problems with the church. But we were able to help her so much and I want to tell you about some really cool experiences she had. Many missionaries had visited her before, but one day we decided to give her a try and meet her. When I got there, the first thing she told me was that she'd dreamt a couple weeks back that a gringa missionary had come to her house to braid her hair and take her to the church. Before her baptism, I braided her hair and reminded her of her dream. (It's a really good thing I know how to braid!) 
Also, on the morning of her baptism, she asked God that if she was supposed to get baptized, He'd send her a sign. She asked Him to make it rain. There was not a cloud in the sky all day until less than an hour before the service when it mysteriously poured out of nowhere exactly over her house and the church. She told God that she couldn't walk her kids to the church if it was pouring, so she asked Him to stop the water if she was really supposed to be baptized. It stopped within 5 minutes. She was astonished. So were we. Our old bishop grows corn and said he was taking Celinda with him to water his crop.
It was the most special and spiritual baptism that I've ever had. I am so grateful. 

I wish I could express all the miracles that I'm seeing here. They are so real and God is so good! 
Last night, Hermana Carias and I baked Hermana Flores a goodbye cake (she goes home today. We're dropping her off in Teguc in 20 minutes.) and we had a mug made with our picture on it! Here's a poem our friend wrote to present her the mug jajaja

hermanaza, hermanaza, 
como ya te vas para tu casa, 
te queremos regalar esta taza, 
por si algun dìa aluien no te abraza, 
podràs encontrar amor en esta taza. 

I love you guys. I love life. I hope you're all remembering what's important and doing all we need to in order to qualify for God's blessings and spirit. 

¡tengan una semana muy buena! 

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