Saturday, August 23, 2014

Buenas tardes Flamilia, 

I've got 4.5 minutes to write this. First of all, I love each one of you. Secondly, I just got an email from an elder who went home last week and I never want to come home. I'm officially 14 months old and it's making me sad! I have lots of dreams of training again and going to Danli, but with two changes left, I don't know how possible it will be! 

Well, Hermana Alegre and I are doing great! This morning we had to wash our clothes and we helped a 75 year old woman wash hers too. She workes washing clothes by hand, getting paid 25 lempiras ($1.25) for every dozen. This woman is 75!! And she can't stop working or she won't eat! I don't think we all realize how blessed we are! 

We're currently in downtown, downtown Teguc. It's super crowded and big and there's a cool, huge cathedral and a Burger King that is 6 stories high!! 

The work is going well! We already had a baptism that the other sisters left us when they closed the area! His name is Freddy and he's Mike's age. And we have 2 more baptisms (possibly 3... pray!) next Saturday. It's pretty weird opening an area, but I like it! lots of opportunities to talk to people and put the puzzle pieces together. 

We've already have an elder with Dengue from this past week so we got to go to the hospital with him and stuff. And we've had another girl in the ER and lots of called about diarrhea, fevers, and pains in general. But I haven't been stressed out yet, so that's a miracle! 

I'm in the office Mon, Wed, and Fri and we do divisions with the sisters from the city on Tues and Thurs. It's a tight schedule and there's lots to do so now we only get Pday in the morning until lunchtime! But it doesn't phase me. I'm really happy here! I love my mission! 

It's such a blessing to work so closely with President and Hermana Bowler. They are such consecrated people and I love them so sincerely. We are so blessed to have them. 

Yesterday, we got to help a Brazilian woman from the ward, Elza Jack, make Brazilian treats for her son's birthday! They're called Begios (spelling?) It means little kisses in Portugese. I'm totally making them for all the birthdays in the flamilia for the rest of my life! She's the wife of an American embassador. There are like 5 gringo embassador families in my ward! 

I love you all! Do me a favor and pray for Stephany, Gertrudis, Hazel, Juan, Suyapa, Sarai, and Selina! 


Hermana Flynn

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