Saturday, August 23, 2014

I forgot to tell you some things last week: President Bowler authorized playing soccer and basketball on Pdays and drinking coca cola! So basically this is the happiest mission in the world right now. Everyone's going crazy with the coke. And my comp got lice! But I'm pretty sure I'm clean!

I don't even know where to start... 
How about in the drastic cambio de clima we're experiencing? Or better yet, about my adorable new compaƱera!! I am with the new STL, Hermana Alegre, from Lima, Peru. I love Peru! I love her! This girl is a Saint. And she is unbelievably beautiful! We were both in the same zone in the South, so we're both IN HEAVEN here in Teguc. Today the high is about 81 degrees and the low is 64. That's more than 15 degrees cooler than it is in Choluteca right now! Yesterday it was sprinkling but the sun was out and a huge rainbow stretched across the entire sky. It wasn't even of this Earth. It was heavenly. But anyway, Hermana Alegre and I are getting along really well and trying to learn about our new responsibilities together. 

The reason I'm writing on a Saturday is because Hermana Bowler changed our Pday because we'll be in the office all day on Mondays. All the office elders' Pdays are on Saturday as well because Mondays get so crazy. 

These past two days, we've been in the office from around 9am-4:30pm with Hermana Bowler and our nurse, Hermana Smart, learning everything from what all the meds are for to insurance guarantees to billing to protocol to emergency scenarios. We saw some gnarly pictures of medical conditions from past missionaries here. My favorites were definitely ''jungle rot'' on a foot and a bump behind an elder's ear that turned out to be filled with tons of larva!! If you get curious you can google that. And poor Hermana Alegre was sitting there for 7 hours, trying to take notes of all this info in English! She understands a lot of English and speaks pretty well, but medical terminology? Insurance forms? She is such a champ! When I ask her if she's overwhelmed, she just says she likes the challenge. I know that this experience will be preparing us for our futures--these skills will serve us in our future studies, careers, and homes. I am really grateful. I feel God's love and His trust so strongly right now. It is very humbling. 

I love Hermana Bowler. She's been taking us out to lunch this week in our breaks from all this training from the nurse (This is all new for Hna. Bowler, too) and she is just adorable! I was walking with her and asked what makes her really mad. I asked if she ever gets mad. She laughed and said, ''Oh yeah. I yelled at my son one time!'' ''One time?'' I asked, and she answered, ''Well, I also yelled once at my other son.'' This woman can count all the times she's yelled at her family on one hand. I've yelled at you guys like 6.02x10^23 times! (Avogradro's number.) Can you all forgive me? 
When I'm with Hermana Bowler I just smile because of all her obervations of Honduras. It brings me back to my first days here. Everything is pretty different. And I love it!

Well, we're opening an area called el 21 de Octubre and it could not be more different than Choluteca! It's so mountainous and steep! There are so many stairs. You know when Smeegle takes Frodo and Sam up those really scary mountain stairs? That's exactly what my area looks like! But it's really beautiful and straight up in the city. There are tons of cars that whip around corners and big buildings closeby and lots of people packed into small spaces! Right now there's a drought, so sometimes we don't have water in the apartment and the electricity usually goes out daily because the main power source comes from a reservoir that's now dry. Let's start rain-dancing! It's so fresco here. It feels delicious. My heat rash is almost completely gone! 

Well, out of time! Tell my baby brother Jacob that I love him and hope he likes his trainer! 


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