Monday, April 14, 2014

General conference is so much better than Christmas here. Those words are the best gifts. I especially loved Uchtdorf's talk on gratitude and Pres. Monson's on love. The prophet receives direct communication from God, and it's interesting to think that the message that God really wants us to receive right now is the importance of love. 
This week was wonderful. I love the mission. It's hitting around 110 some of these days. They should move me out of the south to cool it down a little (wink.) 
I'm going to send you guys some fun pictures! 
One is some graffiti we found here. I love the spelling. 
The other is from the dentist's office. My poor comp always has something going on! We went to Teguc and she got a root cannal. The adorable dentist helped us FOR FREE because she is also a member and serving a mission in May at 24 years old! The procedure lasted 4 and a half hours and I got to watch the whole thing. Really facsinating. And thanks to the Teguc trip, we got to sleep over with Hna Garfield in La Joya!!!!!! It felt like going home. There's nothing like your first area in the mission. 
We brought Mauricio and Melissa to conference and they loved it. I'll send a picture for them. Please pray for them and all my investigators! 

Love, love, love, 

Hermana Flynn

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