Monday, April 7, 2014

My computer isn't functioning well from this Honduran internet cafe,so we'll see how this goes... 

This morning we went as Zone Porvenir to the beach! I was so blissfully happy. I need to live on the beach someday. I'll try to send you lots of photos because I think I took about 1000! We played beach volleyball and walked along the sand. We couldn't touch the water, but it was still a dream come true! 
This week we saw so many miracles! First of all, we were able to bring the new couple, Mauricio and Melissa Rivera to a ''Noche de hermanamiento'' (ward family night) this wednesday. Mauricio was with the Jehova's Witnesses and then with the Pentecostal church (Is that how you say it in English??) but he said that those churches lacked one thing. He didn't tell us what that one thing was, but that he was going to look for it in our church. The activity was really beautiful and as we shook his hand and kissed his wife good by, he just looked us in the eyes and said, ''I found what I've been looking for...and more.'' 
We went and taught them the Restoration afterward and they were so receptive and are reading the BOM together and praying as a couple. It is such a blessing in my life. How great will be your joy if you bring one soul to the kingdom of my great will be your joy if you should bring many souls unto me! 
I seriously LOVE missionary work!
Yesterday, we asked if we could teach this little cute abuelita sitting outside and after we taught her, we challenged her to be baptized. She replied, ''When can I do it?'' She is the most adorable old lady and could not stop hugging us and kissing us!! She's probably 90 years old, which is perfect because she'll be clean when she leaves this life! Celestial Kingdom, baby! 

Breaking news: Today, it's 104 degrees in Choluteca and this week isn't suppose to drop below 102! The highest being 105. The little comment below todays temp says ''feels like 109.'' Thanks to the beautiful weather, I have a visible and very unsightly heat rash all over my neck. We walk around with a big umbrella to try not to burn too much, but it's tough to avoid! Of all the things I took for granted in Salt Lake, AC was one of the biggest! 
I am SO excited for la Conferencia General! Seriously, I keep telling my comp it's way better than Christmas here and I think she's tired of all my comments. Can't wait. I started the tradition last conference to read the entire Conference Ensign before the next one begins. I'm almost done!
Wow, I seriously LOVE YOU ALL! I think about you all the time, but not in an ''I wish I were home,'' kind of way. Just remember that I'm praying for each of you and I always will. Being here has opened my eyes to how richly blessed we are--especially to have the family we have. 



Hermana Flynn

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