Monday, April 7, 2014

I hardly have time to write today, but I want to tell you about a man named Mauricio Rivera who we're teaching. He is like Joseph Smith because he is really searching for the truth! We sit outside a cantina in the night to teach he and his darling wife and last night, we had a beautiful lesson with him and challenged him to be married and baptized on april 19th. He said he'd get married tomorrow if he could, but he still needs to recieve an answer on the baptism. Pray for him. Teaching him makes me feel like I'm in the exact area I need to be in. And like I'm suppose to be a missionary right now. 
On Saturday, we baptized Henry at last! The missionaries had been teaching him since Nov. but we left him for a while and then a couple weeks ago, he called us into his house from the street and told us he wanted to be baptized. And it was such a beautiful baptism. Truly. I said a few words afterword and cried. 
We also had a REALLY successful noche de hogar (family night) with 60 people!! We cleaned the whole chapel for it with the two other missionaries in our area (hermana snelson and rodriguez from bolivia) and cleaned the whole thing again for the baptism! So we've been cleaning a lot and working hard! Oh, and in the noche de hogar we played a game of ''do you love your neighbor?'' aka ''ama su vecino?'' and it made me smile and think about Lake Tahoe! Oh and we played werewolf in our zone meeting too!! 
I don't know if I've told you this, but Hermana Cortes and I share a birthday!! May 10th! And my hija is one year older than me! It'll be so fun to celebrate together and talk to you guys on skype!! 

I love you all so much! 

challenge of the week: sanctify this Sabbath day. Aka ONLY  church or classical music, ONLY church movies and lots of scripture study and wholesome activities! 

Here are some awesome scriptures: D&C 138:26 
John 10:10 
2 cor 12:9 
James 1:25 & 27


Hermana Flynn

P.S. I bought a hammock!!!! I'm going to hang it and sleep in it cause it's wayy too hot to sleep on a mattress!

P.P:S: We watched Frozen as a zone today! It's so cute! 

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