Sunday, January 26, 2014

This week was awesome!
We went to the temple on Thursday so we had to wake up at 4 am to catch the bus to Teguc. We got home at 8pm. It was such a sweet experience to do a session in the most gorgeous temple on Earth and feel that peace. I learn something new every time I go. And I'm so much more appreciative now that I have to wait 6 months between each visit. As Hna Ramirez and I were in the Celestial Room, a worker came and pulled us out and brought us in to watch a family sealing. It was so beautiful. We were crying. When the sealer said ''for all eternity,'' in Spanish, a wave a spirit washed over me and I couldn't believe how good God is. I'm so blessed to be sealed to each one of you. 
We had a baptism set up for this past Saturday AT THE BEACH but he didn't pass the interview! NO! And we won't be able to baptize in the ocean again because there was a ward activity (we live 45 min away from the beach) and we probably won't have another for a long time. Dang. But we have another baptism for this Saturday and we're working with some postive intvestigators and trying to find families! There are some incredible people here in the South. 
Today we played soccer at the Stake Center with a few zones and I am sunburnt! But it was a blast and I think I lost 45% of my body's total water volume. 
Walking here makes me think of Christ's ministry. Taking off my shoes at the end of the day and seeing all the dirt reminds me of how Christ humbly washed his disciples feet. How lucky are we to be able to study His life and learn from His example? Sometimes when the adorable but dirty little kids climb on me, I get nervous because I'm trying to avoid lice and skin conditions, but then I remember the Savior and how he walked with the poor, the dirty, and the afflicted--leperous and maimed. So I just hug them and hold their hands and try to give them the love that they usually lack in their humble homes. 

Isaiah 40:3 bPrepare ye thecway of the Lord, make straight in the desert a dhighway for our God.
I know that Christ lives still and that this life is the time to prepare to meet Him. 

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