Monday, January 13, 2014

So I got transfered! They exhiled me to the South! And it is SO different from the city! You know those old cowboy movies where they're in dusty little pueblos in mexico and there's tumble weed blowing across wide rocky dirt roads? That's exactly what my new area looks like. I just looked up the weather in my area and it's 95 degrees. And today feels a lot cooler than it was yesterday. It's so flat here and my area is HUGE! So we walk so much on these really rocky roads. Just the main street is cement. It's so different! 
Some people's goal is to drink enough water to pee clear. My goal is just to pee because I sweat so much that I never need to use the bathroom! And at the end of the day I look so so tan because of all the dust that's blown and stuck to me. If only it were that easy for me to get a nice tan! 
But the people here make up for what the land lacks. The recent converts are so pilas and solid in the gospel and the members are so willing to leave and teach with us! We had a baptism this Saturday with a 13 year old girl who loves the church and is going to Girl's Camp this next week! We're teaching her sisters too. And we have a baptism on date with a 17 year old boy who is such a sweetie and leaves to teach with us and he calls me ''hermanita'' because he's like 6'2. And he just helped us move! I had just moved in my last area and two days after I got here we had to move again! I'm actually really grateful for that because we had to wash our dishes in the sink in the bathroom which really grossed me out. It was the grossest bathroom I'd ever seen in Honduras. That's saying something!
There are tons of farm animals down here just walking around. We were in the middle of teaching a lesson to a family in the middle of the street when the old dad suddenly got up and stood next to me to guard me from a herd of about 30 huge cows passing by. And I had no idea how big a pig could be until I came here. Everyone has a huge pig tied to their tree. A family just invited me to come watch them kill theirs this weekend. I told them I'd think about it. And there are tons of horses wandering around too. I just saw a guy with a little horse cart that looks like the ones they race in the movie Leprachauns. ''Time for a little freeway maneuver!'' And because of all the animals, there are some sketchy things in the soil. I just had a bug bite that I scratched on my foot and it got infected and my ankle is huge and hurts pretty bad! But no worries, I'm just going to start a round of antibiotics. 
There are two restaurants here--Wendy's and a place called Churascos. So a bunch of zones from the south go there every monday and after district meetings, which is a party! And I'm still in the same zone as a girl named Hermana Snelson from Provo. She was with me from the beginning in the CCM and in my last zone and now we share a ward here! We had a sleepover in her apartment last night which was a party!
My new comp is named Hermana Ramirez and is from LA south side. Her mom is from El Salvador and her dad (who doesn't live with her) is from Mexico so she speaks awesome spanish! And she has an incredible story. I love her so much. 
Well, that's all for today! But just remember how much I love you all and how grateful I am for each one of you! Read your scriptures!

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