Sunday, February 23, 2014

We're doing a lot of good work here in San Luis. Hermana Ramirez and I have set many goals and we're going to wake up even earlier and start sacrificing to meet them. 
We started a very successful free English class that's attracting many non-members! I love teaching English! ''I espeak de English!''
The mangos are all coming in, so we've been eating lots of mango verde, which are cut up, unripened little mangos with vinegar or lemon, chile, and salt. It's delicious. 
You know that game you play in the car where you punch someone and say ''Slugbug, what color?'' Pues, here in the South you punch your comp when you see a naked baby running around--so at least twice a day. All the missionaries do it.
My DL got sick this week after eating iguana at a family's house. I haven't had to face that situation yet, so I feel very blessed! 
We did have some interesting animal encounters this week though. While planning, I thought I felt an insect crawling down my arm. Nope, turns out it was just a baby lizard. I spazzed a little! And we also found a huge spider in our room! We have a hilarious video of my comp killing it! I'll include a picture. 
I am just loving the mission! It is such a joy because although the days sometimes feel like weeks, the weeks feel like days! I'm trying not to waste any time. I'll hit 8 months in one week. 
I'm reading the New Testament right now and it is incredible. I highly recommend it. 


Hermana Flynn

P.S. We walked into the house of an investigator and Psych was playing on their TV in Spanish! I died!

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