Sunday, February 23, 2014

I'm writing on a Saturday because I'll be in Teguc on Monday and won't be able to write. We (the sisters in the South) are having a *drumroll please* PAJAMA PARTY with the President's wife tomorrow! It'll be really fun! 
This week has been crazy! Hermana Ramirez and I decided to start waking up at 6am to study earlier and get out the door to work around 10am. That way we can teach more lessons and retain the converts and strengthen the less-active members. 
Yesterday, we baptized a 16 year old boy named Luis! The youth of this ward are beasts and totally brought him to church two weeks ago and came with us to every lesson! We're so grateful that he has their complete support, because his transition into the ward will be so smooth. We're going to start teaching his family as well! He is such a blessing. I love that boy! Plus we brought a couple who just moved in together to the baptism! The boy is inactive and the girl wants to be baptized! So we're helping them get married right now. The work is good in Sagrado Corazon. 
Let me tell you about this Tuesday. First of all, we found a huge frog in our bucket by the pila (I'll send you a picture.) And it's still there, so it's our pet now. I got a ton of cool eating opportunties! I ate a goatmilk caramel sucker and then went to a less active woman's house and she gave us dried tiny sardines to eat. It was disgusting. Then she cut up sugar cane for us with her machete. It was delicious. We threw the chewed up sugar cane on the floor to feed the seven piglets that were running around inside. The mama pig ran in to eat but then felt threatened and charged at my comp to get out the door! She jumped out of the way but it totally knocked over her chair and scared her so bad! The little kids there all stripped down and started swimming in the pila which was adorable and I was jealous because I've wanted to do that since day one. The we went to another house where they were killing garrobo (a big lizard) to eat so I helped with that and to thank me they gave me a boiled iguana egg to eat! It tasted like cheese. They also gave us tamarindos, which are pods that grow on trees and they're really sour. As I was playing with the lizard skin, they were like, ''Watch out! The pig is eating your backpack!'' And it was.. That day was so crazy and fun and we saw so much progress with our investigators that we celebrated by ordering pizza from Pizzahut! That's what I love about Honduras: It's very third-world in a lot of ways, but we also have access to lots of modern things. 

Well, that's all I have time for, but will you guys do me a favor and pray for these people? 
Familia Rodriguez, Deisi, Henry, Valeska, Karina, Katherine, Yoliza & Victor, and a different Luis.

Thanks! I love you all TO THE MOON! 


Sister Sarah

P.S. Sorry to talk so much about pigs, but they're just such a huge part of my life here..

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