Sunday, October 20, 2013

This past month has been incredible! I´m going to tell you about it, but first I want to tell you that I don´t play soccer here and I don´t drink coke. Those were two things I thought I´d be doing but we´re not allowed! Just for your information.
Last week I forgot to tell you about some really cool experiences because I was too excited about conference!
One of them was that we were having a ward movie night to raise money for a lady with serious cancer here. Three of our investigators were going to come and we were setting up and everything when the power went out--not only in the church, but in all of La Joya. And it was completely dark. I was with 5 other girls from the ward and we were all so sad because the activity wasn´t possible and because my comp and I would have to end the day early because it´s a rule that we can´t be out when there aren´t lights in the street. So I suggested we say a prayer so we all knelt together and held hands in the dark and I prayed and within 5 minutes, the lights came on in La Joya. All the girls were yelling and hugging me like I was responsible for the power grid here and some were even crying! I was getting ready to go do something when my comp reminded me that we had to pray and thank God. It was so cool! And then later my comp and I offered another prayer of gratitude together. It was one of those primary-style mini-miracles that makes you know God cares. And by the way I got to watch Despicable Me 2 with my investigators!
This Saturday, we had two baptisms!!!! My first start-to-finish baptisms here in the mission! My first two weeks here we had 2, but they weren´t mine, ya know? Ambar is 17 and reminds me of Jenny and Monica is 9. They live with their grandparents who were baptized about 20 years ago but have long since been inactive. So we´re reactivating their family and it is incredible. Such a tender mercy!
We´re working closely with some other investigators who look promising and we´re taking an investgator temple trip this week! They´ll have a family night with our phenomenal Stake Pres. and tour the grounds and stuff. The work is great in La Joya!
I´m finishing my training this Wednesday and praying I won´t get moved in cambios (changes.) I´ll keep you posted.
I´m so grateful and so happy! I´m used to living here and I don´t know what it will be like to have carpet or a dryer or a shower or an oven or a dishwasher when I get home! Or to have reliable water in the faucets. We only get it for a few hours every other day. But that is so normal to me now.

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