Sunday, October 6, 2013

I'm learning and growing here in La Joya!  The weeks are moving faster and it makes me want to try even harder not to waste a minute of the Lord's sacred time. 

I've been teaching a lot of Spanish lately. I teach a class in the church every Thursday and this week I had 12 people there! 5 of which were investigators! And I taught two other separate classes to investigators who couldn't make it. It's pretty cool and makes me so grateful to speak English as my first language. Seriously. 

We taught a really cool lesson about the Plan of Salvation and answered some of the questions of a 26 year old's soul. He was deported from Miami and speaks a lot of English which is awesome because I can teach in Spanglish with a lot of power. He asked lots of pressing questions that caused my comp, a convert, and I to stand up for what we know and we felt the spirit testify of truth in a very real way. The convert and my comp cried during the lesson! 
We had another really awesome lesson with the same member present to a 17 year old girl and my Spanish was perfect and she was so receptive. She accepted our baptism challenge for the 12th of Oct. 

Teaching awesome lessons is better than baptizing. 

We brought 4 investigators to church this week! It was awesome. Seriously a blessing from God. And I played the piano for the 4 hymns in sacrament! I suck at piano. 

Mom, last night the members fed me a hot dog with avacado, tomato, onions, mayo, ketchup, 2 kinds of mustard, and jalape├▒os. You would've died and gone to heaven. 

There is an old man in a shack up a huge hill above our house and we teach his daughter and grandaughter. He came up behind my comp in a lesson and started playing with her ponytail and grabbing her shoulders and petting her head until all the hair came out of her elastic and I was crying! And then he came over to me and did the same! I got carressed by his arthretic hands! And he said in his Spanish old man voice that we'd have to repent and confess now! It was so funny!   

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