Sunday, October 27, 2013

I didn't move in cambios (changes) so I get to stay in hermosa La Joya! I love my first area! The members are incredible and I think it's so beautiful and I'm making so many friendships. 

This past cambio has really helped me grow. The first two months of my mission were really hard for me in every way. I missed you guys a lot and I missed my culture and I really missed speaking English and I was constantly frustrated because I couldn't be effective without knowing Spanish. But the language is coming really well and I my personality is coming through more and more. I was humbled to the dust in the start and the Lord is helping build me back up. It's true that you learn to have more patience in the mission. 

Honduras played Jamaica and won! The streets are crazy during soccer games and we keep score from our house by counting the number of times it sounds like World War III has suddenly begun--an abrupt chorus of screaming, gunfire, and cannons that slowly wanes until the next goal is scored. I'm pretty sure we qualified for the World Cup next year?? The games are such a big deal here that all school is cancelled gameday and all government paid jobs as well. 

A couple days ago, we met a family in the street who said we could come teach them so we went to their house. The Dad is bien Evangelico and as it turns out, didn't want to listen to our message but wanted to try to teach us his own. With great emotion, he repeatedly slammed us with false doctrine, the motif being that not everyone is a son of God (but he was, of course) and that we didn't have to do anything to be saved. I listened to him for about 40 minutes and showed him 'Faith without works is dead...' but there was nothing we could do because this man wanted to contend. So my comp just bore her testimony and I gave him a Book of Mormon and asked if the cute wife would bring their two little kids over so we could sing a hymn and say a prayer before leaving. We sang I am a Child of God and the dad chose me to pray. It was a really beautiful experience because of the change in the room when we sang together and prayed. The difference in feelings from his rant and when we started talking was comical. There was a really sweet, strong spirit that ended things on a really good note. 
And guess what? They ended up calling us about an hour later and inviting us back for dinner! We were fasting so we couldn't, but we're going to go back sometime! It was a faith building experience that made me SO GRATEFUL to have the knowledge I have! To know that I'm a daughter of the Eternal King. I'm so grateful to know the fundamentals. 

Thank you so much for being the most incredible support imaginable. I love each one of you more than I could ever tell. I love my mission and I don't want to come home. Good thing I have 14 more fast sundays to enjoy here! 

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