Sunday, December 15, 2013

We had cambios in the mission this past Friday and I didn't move! I'm rejoicing! I'm going to stay in La Joya for Christmas with Hna Vasquez! 
Yesterday we fasted and saw IMMEDIATE blessings. We had 8 investigators in sacrament meeting, including 2 families, and had 4 other recent converts there too! Wow, that is not common here! 
We taught a girl, Yesenia,  who is 22 and so excited about the gospel! She accepted a baptismal date for Dec. 21 con mucho gusto and is willing to do anything to prepare. Her cute sister also loves the gospel, but we need to get her married before she can be baptized! Her husband doesn't like the church, but we know that if we're exactly obedient and faithful, we can work to see miracles. They defend the church against the criticism of their family and friends and already call themselves Mormons. And they've only had 3 lessons! It's so touching to see how much people can grow to love and trust us in such a short time. And it's even stronger ''al reves''! I'm so in love with my area and with all of the people here. I know that this is my last change here, and I can't even think about leaving them. It hurts too much.
We also found a new family to teach!! We're visiting them tonight! The Dad told us to come right at 6pm (when Pday ends) because he knows we have to be in our house at9pm... I'm pumped to give him the 3 hour lesson he's hoping for!  
I'm so happy to hear all about your Thanksgiving! I love holidays because they bring the family together. And I LOVE our family! I'm attaching a picture of my Thanksgiving feast! Tacos and 7 up in a plastic bag! We had dreams to make mashed potatoes and buy half a chicken, but English class ended late and everyone had closed their little tiendas because of the cold.
It's cold in Honduras! Surprised? So am I! I think it's mostly due to a Hurricane that passed in Guate or Mexico this past week. But in the nights it's freezing so I'm super grateful for the new Christmas PJ's! I sleep in the sweatshirt I stole from Madie Hart before I left and in socks because I don't have a blanket, just my sheets! But it's warming up real fast. It's hilarious to see the people bundled up in scarves, hats, and gloves during the day when it's like 69 degrees outside. They're just so used to the constant 85ยบ we usually enjoy. 
Well, I hope you have an incredible week! I am very happy here. And very grateful.
Enjoy the snow!

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