Sunday, December 15, 2013

So it's Pday again and we're going to El Picacho (Cristo statue) again! But this time we're also going to the zoo up there! I hope I see a baby animal. 

This week was wonderful. But the mission is like a big montaƱa rusa (roller coaster)! 
English class went really well this week! We had 14 students and a lot of fun! 
Two days ago, we fasted and were so blessed! One of the many beautiful things that happened was that we were walking at night in the rain and our plans fell through and we remembered a man who said he'd gone to Temple Square more than 10 years ago! We visited him and taught his wife (who's a lawyer) and his 19 years old daughter who's studying medicine and speaks English. A new family to teach!! And theyr'e married! And ¿sabe que? It was the most beautiful Restoration lesson we've ever taught. And what more? They have two fluffy toy poodles that were on our laps the whole night! (Awwwww --Elizabeth voice) 
After that, we brought the bishop to give an hermana a beautiful blessing before her surgery and after that, we celebrated the birthday of Marcelino Matamoros! 
Remember when we baptized Ambar and Monica? Well, they live with their grandparents, Marcelino and Carmen Matamoros, who had been inactive members for about 20 years. We met them through a miracle and have been reactivating them and it's been one of the biggest blessings of my mission! I LOVE them! And they love us too! Marcelino used to work with wood, and he's making Hna Vasquez and I a beautiful surprise! And the whole family was in church for the first time to see Monica in the Primary Program!! (Which was hilarious and adorable by the way.)

Yesterday, Hna V and I had a miscommunication (imagine that) and got into a fight during church in an empty classroom that would've gotten heated if someone didn't come in and interrupt us. It can be SO hard to ALWAYS be with someone, especially with a language and cultural barrier. A member came and wanted us to come help teach the Young Men about preparing for a mission. We sat in front of the class, still flustered, as he asked us questions like ''How do you two feel as missionaries?'' Awful. We felt so bad! The Lord has an interesting way of teaching us lessons, doesn't He? 
The mission can be so hard! But most of the time it is so fun and beautiful! And I'm grateful to have had a bad day so that I can appreciate the good ones! And Hna V and I forgave each other and are on better terms than ever. A companionship is like an arranged marriage without the romance. And unlike a normal marriage, we have to always be within seeing and hearing range. But we need to be on the same team in order to do this work. And humility is a key component in a successful relationship. I'm going to take these important lessons I'm learning into my own future marriage. 

So those are some of the ups and downs of the mission! I am blissfully happy. And I'm excited to see all of your faces via Skype in a couple weeks! 

Have a jolly week! 

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