Monday, September 16, 2013

Hey guys, 

A whole lot has happened! So before I was in a trio with Hna Carias and Saldate. (Saldate is from Cali and was in my CCM district too.) We all knew that one of the two gringas would leave my area (La Joya) in changes, but what I wasn't anticipating was that Hna Carias, my Guatemalan trainer, was moved too! Here's the thing: I'd been praying each day to stay here because I LOVE La Joya. But without my trainer, I was suddenly in charge of everything: all of our investigators, members, meetings, and even lunch and dinner appointments! I cried all night and all morning before changes because I felt so incapable and so alone and sad. Because sadly enough, I still don't speak Spanish. Anyway, it was so humbling. But I truly felt the Lord make weak things become strong unto me. 
Now I have a new comp from El Salvador and she's great! She came from an area with less people so she's not used to working as hard, but she'll get the hang of things. I'm basically training cause I'm in charge of everything and it's way stressful. But this week we put two of our sweet investigators- a mom and son- on date for the 28th and we're waiting for the permission of parents to baptize two more- a 17 year old and a 13 year old. The work is good and I love where I am! My comp doesn't speak English but that's really going to help me! I still miss Hna Carias, but I talk to her on the phone and it's okay. 
Haha, in a lesson this week we challenged a boy to baptism and he told us he'd already been baptized. We assumed he meant the Catholic church.. No, it was the Mormon church. And in the three previous lessons he didn't bother to mention that! And weirdly enough, he was never confirmed! So we're going to get things settled with him! 

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