Monday, August 12, 2013

This week was great! We got to eat some awesome food and teach wonderful people! And ¿adivina que? we found a family to teach! This culture is so family-oriented in that adults live with their parents and cousins are often neighbors and people are always hanging out with their families. But the irony is that they don´t believe in marriage here because divorce is expensive and long so there are no real families. So many single-parent homes. But we began to teach a family. It´s a miracle! Also, I visited an 18 year old member who has a baby that looks just like Jen did when she was little. The cutest baby girl.

I sang acapella in sacrament in Spanish with my compañera and it rained this week! I love rain so, so much and the sound it makes on our metal roof is glorious
Hermana Flynn

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